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There can be great satisfaction in knowing you are taking steps to prepare for your financial future. Now you can have personalized coaching on everything from investments to retirement options. Your financial affairs will be organized, coordinated, and up to date.

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Philip O. Johnson, CFP®

Even though the stock market has been in an uptrend for the past sixmonths, I remain cautious for the remainder of 2013. America is slowly growing, but until more jobs are created, our economy cannot fully recover.

Marcus F. Johnson

The Fed has pledged to keep interest rates around zero through 2014. If you are thinking about renewing CDs, you may want to reconsider. It's hard to build wealth earning 0% to 2% on your money.

Insights for Financial Planning

You might live longer than you think
A vital part of financial planning is making sure that you have sufficient funds for every year of life—no matter how many birthdays that may be.   Read More

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